Active Duty Military and DOD Civilians





Marital Status


Dependent Information:


* Important:

  • Name as it appears on the Social Security Card.
  • If anyone above used another last name in the past 10 years, let us know.
  • If any of the dependents did not live with you, let us know.


Income Information:

Do you have a W-2 for each job held?

Were any of your jobs with a government contractor or Foreign company?

Were you or your spouse self-employed (including home child care)?

Do you have any retirement income (including Social Security)?


Investment Information:

Did you earn any interest on savings accounts during the year?

Do you have any accounts at a foreign bank?

Did you invest in a mutual fund or hold stock for any company?

Do you have an IRA?

If yes:

Did you contribute to it?

Did you withdraw from it?

Did you convert it to a Roth IRA?


General Information:

Did you pay for child care while you went to work or to school?

Did you have any education expenses or make student loan payments?

Do you own a home?

If yes: Did you sell this home?

Did you rent this home to someone else last year?


Filing Information:

If you receive a refund do you want it deposited into a bank account?

If yes, provide:


4. Type of account:

The internet is an insecure channel for exchanging information. After completing your questionnaire and collecting your supporting information, mail or fax us your questionnaire and documents.