U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Living Abroad
















Is your employer a U.S. company or foreign entity?

U.S. Company
Foreign Entity


What was the last year you filed a U.S. tax return?

Have you ever claimed the foreign earned income exclusion?





Do you live in a rented home or have you purchased a home abroad?




Do you still maintain a home in the U.S.?




Are you required to pay income tax to your country of residence?


Please provide copies of all U.S. and foreign income statements to include:

  • wages
  • Retirement
  • U.S. or foreign social security
  • both U.S. and foreign investment and rental income
  • foreign private pensions and U.S. IRA's
  • foreign tax declaration and tax assessment

Did the combined value of your foreign bank and investment accounts, life insurance and pensions exceed the foreign currency equivalent of $10,000 at any time in the previous year?



If your foreign wages were greater than $102,100 and your foreign housing costs exceeded €15,000 last year, please provide the following:



(To convert Euro to Dollars for 2011 divide Euro by 0.940)


Filing Information:

If you receive a refund do you want it deposited into a U.S. bank account?


If yes, provide:


4. Type of account:


What is the preferred way to contact you with questions:




The internet is an insecure channel for exchanging information. After completing your questionnaire and collecting your supporting information, mail or fax us your questionnaire and documents.